Payroll Accounting Overview, Main Costs, Setting Up

payroll accounting

Hourly employees must provide an accurate time sheet to get paid. Review time sheets and compare them to employee schedules, checking for errors. Payroll processing is the method you follow to pay employees at the end of a pay period.

payroll accounting

Employers need to file wages paid to employees, taxes withheld, Social Security and Medicare deductions and employer’s contributions to Social Security and Medicare. The IRS says to store payroll records for at least four years from the date when the taxes are due or from the date that you made the payment―whichever is later. This means that you need to keep time cards, spreadsheets and copies of checks and deposits for this period of time should an audit or a discrepancy arise. Employees must be sent a Form W-2 by January 31 of the year following their paid wages.

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Employees are the backbone of any organization—but how much do they cost? lets you keep track of the cost of each employee. RUN Powered by ADP handles all tax filing and payment remittance, including year-end employee forms such as W-2s and 1099s. Gusto currently integrates with popular accounting applications such as Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks Online, so you’ll be able to import your payroll transactions into your accounting software.

  • While accounting software has many benefits – especially for payroll accounting – it doesn’t do everything.
  • This leaves you with the net pay, which is the amount that the check should be written for.
  • Some employees are exempt from the FLSA, and the Act does not apply to independent contractors or volunteers because they are not considered employees.
  • Payroll accounting is a system of tracking business expenses related to payroll.

Payroll will run a lot smoother if you have the correct documentation on file for your employees. This means that you need every employee to complete a Form W-4 that documents filing status and records their personal allowances. Have a paymaster issue paychecks to employees, requiring employee identification if there are a large number of employees.

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To calculate payroll, identify employee wages, complete essential paperwork, calculate gross pay and deductions, set up charts of accounts and pay taxes. To automate the entire process, you can get a payroll system to get everything done in less time. After determining payroll costs, you’ll need to pay the taxes owed for a specific period of time, such as quarterly or annually.

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  • Like financial accounting, payroll accounting involves recording and categorizing company transactions, but it focuses exclusively on employee-related expenses.
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  • They are in accordance with US federal legislation and may vary from state to state.

When recording payroll, you’ll generally debit Gross Wage Expense, credit all of the liability accounts, and credit the cash account. Gross Wages will appear on your Profit and Loss or Income Statement, and the liability and cash accounts will be included on your Balance Sheet. Recording payroll on your books involves making sure that amounts are accurately posted to payroll accounts. Before you can record payroll, you will need to set up payroll accounts on your chart of accounts list.

Expenses That Fall Under Payroll Accounting

If you currently use Xero or QuickBooks Online, OnPay offers terrific integration with both applications, with integration with FreshBooks expected shortly. Find help articles, video tutorials, and connect with other businesses in our online community. Now that business is expanding, get tools to simplify new demands and set everyone up for success.

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